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The lighthouse of Fiumara Grande, Fiumicino

Location:Fiumicino, Rome
Collaborator:Arch. Erika Buoncristiani
Arch. Ivan Contreras Rubio
Description:The proposal follows the announcement of the State Property Office to start a major project aimed at the redevelopment of abandoned lighthouses. The lighthouse at issue is located at the mouth of the Tiber and is a two-storey rectangular building made of reinforced concrete on which an octagonal tower stands.
The proposal intends to preserve the existing places and buildings and at the same time add new structures that will enhance its appeal. The aim is to create a place able to finance itself through commercial premises while offering cultural and educational activities and meeting spaces. The renovation and redevelopment of the lighthouse would be the first step towards the environmental regeneration of the surrounding area, presently marked by unauthorized buildings.

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