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Salvaging and expansion of the Kufa Museum, Iraq

Location:Kufa, Iraq
Client:Republic Of Iraq, Ministry Of Turism And Antiquities
Republic Of Italy, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Italian Development Cooperation, Task Force Iraq
Ministry Of Cultural Heritage And Activities, General Secretariat
Superior Institute For The Conservation And Restoration
Collaborator:Arch. Erika Buoncristiani
Arch Ivan Contreras Rubio
Description:The project falls within a broader program to salvage and expand the provincial museums of Kufa, Nasiriyah and Diwanieh in Southern Iraq. The common aim is to provide not only exhibition rooms, but also spaces intended for research and protection of artistic heritage, education and entertainment.

The project involves the salvaging of the existing buildings of the Museum of Kufa – of which today only two badly damaged units enclosed by a fence remain – which will be expanded to house the new features. The expansion, entirely enclosed by the existing fence, consists of three units detached from the existing buildings except for narrow connecting walkways, thus forming a system of courts and patios with fountains and trees according to the Arabic tradition. Thanks to the use of the same building techniques, materials and colors of the original museum, the overall look is homogenous and mimetic.

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