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Episcopio of Porto: proposal for the renovation of the outdoor areas

Location:Fiumicino, Rome
Collaborator:Arch. Erika Buoncristiani
Arch. Ivan Contreras Rubio
Description:The Episcopio (bishop’s palace) is a fortified medieval complex built using pre-existing roman structures of the ancient trading city of Porto. Enclosed by walls, it includes the baroque Church of SS. Ippolito and Lucia, a medieval tower and the adjoining bishop’s palace.

The proposal involves the general restoration of the Episcopio with special emphasis given to the outdoor areas, in order to restore the entire monument to the levels of its former importance. The cornerstone of the proposal is a large square for access from Via Portuense, which will be made possible by demolishing the illegal buildings currently present. The square would also serve as a filter between the Episcopio complex and the visitors parking area. Walking paths following the natural slope of the ground would lead to the riverbank, which is currently inaccessible, while a bike path and a route with facilities would directly connect the Episcopio to the city center.

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