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Episcopio of Porto: conservative restoration of the the inner courtyard and facades

Location:Fiumicino, Rome
Client:Congregazione di Porto e Santa Rufina
Collaborator:Arch. Erika Buoncristiani
Arch. Ivan Contreras Rubio
Description:The Episcopio (bishop’s palace) is a fortified medieval complex built using pre-existing roman structures of the ancient trading city of Porto. Enclosed by walls, it includes the baroque Church of SS. Ippolito and Lucia, a medieval tower and the adjoining bishop’s palace.

This restoration project concerned the buildings of the bishop’s palace on the north side of the complex and the courtyard in front of them. The uniformity of the Episcopio was impaired by incongruous elements, and significant amounts of moisture from the soil had caused the plaster to deteriorate. The project therefore focused on the removal, where possible, of the anachronistic elements, the restoration of the plaster and re-colouring of the walls, bringing the facades back to their original uniformity.

The courtyard was renovated by designing a new system of steps and flowerbeds made of brick and travertine, to reconnect the different floor levels of the Episcopio. Additional trees were planted, bearing in mind the local vegetation and the need for shaded areas.

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