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Conservative restoration of the Edublalmah temple at the archaeological site of Ur, Iraq

Location:Ur, Iraq
Client:Republic Of Iraq, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Republic Of Italy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Embassy in Baghdad
Iraqi-Italian Archaeological Mission at Abu Tbeirah
Collaborator:Arch. Erika Buoncristiani
Draftsman Lorenzo Annigoni
Description:This restoration project falls within a broader program of conservation and maintenance of the archaeological site of Ur, Iraq.

The Edublalmah temple, known for its ancient arched structures made of baked bricks, which are still visible, is in a critically poor condition caused by severe weathering and entire parts of the temple risk collapsing; urgent action is therefore required.

Once the structure has been secured by shoring, it will be possible to carry out a detailed scientific analysis of the monument, its state of deterioration and possible solutions. Any intervention will have to be carried out in the least intrusive way possible, preferring local materials and traditional techniques, ensuring that the new parts are distinguishable from the ancient ones.
In order to limit erosion and surface runoff due to weathering, it may be necessary to create a channel for rainwater drainage along the wall crowning.

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