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Ecovillage in the Central Marshes of South Iraq

Location:Thi Qar Governorate, Southern Iraq
Client:Republic Of Iraq, United Nations Development Programme,
Un Ponte Per - Humanitarian Organization - NGO
Project:Sumereen – Sumerian Youth for Economic Development and Cultural Heritage
Collaborator:Arch. Cristina Cupero
Description:The project is part of a bigger program named “Sumereen” whose aim is the socio-economic development of the Thi Qar Governorate in the Southern Iraq through protection plans for the cultural and natural heritage and promotion of sustainable tourism inside the World Heritage Site of “Ahwar of Southern Iraq” which comprehend the Marshes of Southern Iraq and the archaeological sites of the ancient Mesopotamian Cities.

The eco-village is one of the many projects in the Sumereen program and combine the promotion and protection of the traditional local activities with the encouragement of the sustainable tourism as a mean for the socio-economic development of the area.

The village was designed in close partnership with the locals and will include the employment of thousand-year old technics based on the use of local marsh reeds. This technic is used for example for the construction of the artificial islands and the typical “mudhif”.

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